How to Export iCloud Contacts to PST? – Step by Step Guide

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Moving your contacts’ address book from one account to another is a complicated process. The same goes when you export iCloud contacts to PST format. Wouldn’t it be a bliss if you get a direct and easy method to accomplish this task? That’s why we have come up with instant and easy-to-execute software to get this job done.

Apple and Microsoft compete in the development of cloud storage. Apple has iCloud and Microsoft has Outlook applications. And they both have format incompatibility issues with each other.  iCloud is a data storage technology that offers vast amounts of cloud space for storing information that can be accessed from anywhere. Users are aiming to export from one iCloud to Outlook because of the excellent capabilities given by MS Outlook. Contacts are highly essential to anybody, thus ensuring their safe migration is critical to avoid risk to loss of data.

“In my iCloud storage, I have more than a thousand contacts. But now that our employer has switched to the Outlook email software, I’m at a loss as to export iCloud contacts to PST format. Is there a simple way to complete this task?”

iCloud is a digital contact book that is synced with Apple’s operating system. So, you need to first convert the contacts into VCF file-type. Let us understand more about this in the following part.

How to Export iCloud Contacts to PST format?

As previously indicated, the ideal way is to convert the contacts from your iCloud account to VCF. A VCF (also known as vCard) file format is a business card file that keeps your contact information in separate and dedicated columns. It has data entry areas for your name, email ID, business name, phone number, company name, company number, FAX, and several other sections that you can think of. A vCard contact file is also the ideal way of sharing your address book with other people or platforms. Because it is supported by both Windows and Mac OS.

To begin, let’s look at how to export contacts from iCloud to vCard:

  1. Sign into your iCloud account and go to Contacts.
  2. Choose all contacts and then click the Gear button.
  3. Select “Export vCard” and save the files to the provided destination location.

You’ve generated a VCF file. MS Outlook can open a VCF or vCard file, but only one at a time. Outlook does not allow multiple vCard file imports in a single attempt. If you have a large number of contacts, moving one contact file at a time is the most wasteful option. To solve this problem, you’ll need software that can import VCF multiple contacts into Outlook PST. The best option is to use the vCard Importer tool.

Export iCloud Contacts to PST – For Entire Address Book

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  1. Install and launch the SysTools vCard Importer application. Click on the Add File(s) or Folder option in the upper left corner to insert the VCF files you just generated.
  2. You will now preview all of the contacts’ fields and properties on the software panel. Select the ones you want to convert and press the Export button.
  3. You will then be forwarded to the Export-type panel. You have to choose your destination locationhere. You have the option of saving the files in an existing PST file, creating a new PST file, or importing the contacts into a standard MS Outlook profile.
  4. After selecting a location for them click the Exportbutton. Now export iCloud contacts to PST format will begin.


Finally, these contacts need to be imported into Outlook and you can easily access all iCloud converted contacts into the Outlook platform.

Advantageous features of vCard Importer Tool 

This program offers a plethora of advantages along with the facility to export iCloud contacts to PST such as:

  1. The ability to import numerous contacts at once.
  2. There is no risk of distorting or corrupting your contact fields or properties.
  3. Requires no manual mapping of your contact columns.
  4. Supports all vCard file versions, including 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.
  5. The vCard created can be loaded into a variety of systems.
  6. Maintains folder structure and works with all Outlook versions.

 Import PST Contacts to Outlook

  1. Open Outlook and select File in the top left corner.
  2. From the list, select the Open & Export option.
  3. Next, choose Import from another program or file from available options.
  4. Select the PST option >> Next button.
  5. Choose the PST file to import and a location to save it in.
  6. Finally, map the custom attributes and press the Finish button.
  7. This is a secure and safe approach to use, and it is most likely the simplest way to accomplish the transfer.

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In this article, we showcased to you the most popular and finest method for export iCloud contacts to PST format. You can check the free version of the vCard Importer application. Follow this method since it is the most reliable technique to achieve the best outcomes.