Getting Microsoft Outlook Stopped Working Error? Try These Solutions

admin | December 29th, 2018 | outlook

Are you facing the error “Microsoft Outlook stopped working”? Do you want to get rid of this issue permanently through some handy tricks? Stay tuned as we will share some useful methods with you to resolve Outlook not working issue.

Microsoft Outlook Stopped Working

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email service provider that is used in both personal and enterprise level. Since email has become part and parcel of our everyday communication, it is not a pleasant situation when Microsoft Outlook stopped working. This is not only an annoying situation but at the same time, causes indescribable inconvenience. After reading this post, users will learn how to fix Outlook error through manual techniques.

How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Stopped Working Error

Here are some popular ways to fix Outlook not working error message that users can try one by one.

Trick 1: Repair Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Outlook usually comes as a part of MS Office Suite and problem in this suite can cause this Outlook stopped working error. If this is the reason, repairing MS Office will fix this issue.

  1. Close all running instances of MS Office application including Outlook.
  2. Go to Control Panel >> Programs and Features.
  3. In the list, Add or Remove Programs, select Microsoft Office.
  4. Right click on the it and select Change >> Repair >> Continue.
  5. Microsoft Office will get repaired and all issues related to it will get resolved.

Trick 2: Delete Problematic Outlook Add-ins

MS Outlook add-ins are quite popular among users but they can also give rise to issues in your Outlook. Follow this method to remove add-ins that are causing the problem.

  1. Open MS Outlook in Safe Mode. To do that, Open the Run dialog box in your Windows system and type “outlook.exe/safe” before hitting enter.
  2. Now that Outlook is opened in Safe Mode, all of its add-ins will remain disabled. If Microsoft Outlook Stopped working error does not appear, then it is understandable that some of the add-ins are responsible for this problem. Now open Outlook in normal mode and check which add-in is causing this problem.

Trick 3: Create a New Profile in Outlook

Users can also create a new Outlook profile and this might help them to get rid of this issue. Here is how you can add Outlook account.

  1. First of all, go to the Control Panel of your system and click on Mail.
  2. Click on Show Profile in the dialog box that has appeared.
  3. Select the Add button.
  4. Add a name for the new profile and enter your Email credentials.
  5. Now, make sure to make the newly created Outlook profile as the default one.
  6. Restart Outlook and check if the problem is occurring or not.

Trick 4: Use ScanPST.exe to Repair PST File

If none of the above methods are able to fix Microsoft Outlook stopped working error, then the problem may be caused by damaged or corrupted PST file. The complete data of Outlook is saved in PST file and the corruption in this personal folder file may give rise to numerous errors including Outlook, not working issues.

To remove minor PST file corruptions, Outlook offers an inbuilt utility named scanpst.exe/ Inbox Repair Tool. Search for “scanpst.exe” on your system and then go to its location. Double-click to run the tool and Browse to select the PST file. It will find out the corruptions and you have to click on the Repair button to fix the issues.

Looking for a Sure-shot Solution? Try Outlook Recovery Tool

It has been seen in most cases that PST file corruption is the main reason behind Outlook stopped working error message. Since scanpst.exe is not capable of removing severe PST file corruptions, users need to take the help of various third-party applications. The Outlook Data Recovery Software is a trusted name when it comes to repair corrupted Outlook PST file. The utility has been designed to fix all sorts of corruption from the PST file. Use the software to make your Outlook PST file healthy again and get rid of Outlook not opening error.


Microsoft Outlook stopped working” is an error that can give users a hard time. That is why we have described multiple methods to resolve this problem. Users can try these solutions to solve the issue. If users are still having the problem despite applying the manual methods, they should try PST file repair Software. This application is packed with amazing features and will help to fix or resolve various Outlook errors.