Import Contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird – Top Ways

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Summary: Are you an Outlook user who is planning to switch to Thunderbird? If yes, then read this blog where we will cover the best ways to import contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird in all possible scenarios.

When you switch from one platform to another, maintaining the integrity of data is of utmost importance. You must be careful that you perform the task in a safe environment and that all your data gets migrated properly. It is a common practice where users mess up their data during the process without understanding it well in advance and end up with permanently damaged files. This can pose a huge problem for you because you might never recover it.

Therefore, in this blog, we will take you through all possible problems that might face and give you valuable solutions to import contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird.

“I use Outlook as m primary email client but it has been crashing quite often lately. This has hampered my work and so I have decided to use Thunderbird to reach out to my clients. But it’s becoming too annoying to manually type each address so I was looking for a method that will do it directly for me. Is there any way that I can use to migrate the data while maintaining the hierarchy of the contacts?”

How to Import Contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird?

Users move from Outlook to Thunderbird for its free services. Since MS Outlook charges some money for its services, Mozilla Thunderbird provides all the facilities for free. So let us now discuss how you can move the contacts. Outlook uses the PST file for saving its data items which are not acceptable by Thunderbird. The latter application can read the contact data in only a few formats. The best way is to convert Outlook contacts to vCard using SysTools vCard Export tool. Using this utility, you can even move the contacts without needing an Outlook email client. It provides many more benefits as given below:

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  • Conversion of multiple contacts in a single attempt.
  • Maintains the folder hierarchy of the contact files.
  • Exports all details and attributes of the contacts.
  • Scans the files for any corruption or damage.
  • Migrates even the corrupt, orphan, password-secured files.
  • Works on contacts created by Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, & others.
  • Supports conversion of Outlook contacts into multiple formats.

Note: If you use Mac Outlook email client, you must use SysTools Outlook Mac Exporter software.

Working of the Tool

It is very simple to import contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird. First, download and install the tool and add an Outlook contact file into it. Then, preview its data and click export. In the next screen, choose VCF file format, apply settings and browse a location to save these files. At last, click on the Export button to proceed.

Now, you have to import these resultant files into Mozilla Thunderbird using these steps:

  1. Open Thunderbird, tap on Address Book.
  2. Select Tools & click on Import.
  3. Click on Address Book and select Next.
  4. Now, choose “vCard file (.vcf)”> Next.
  5. Choose the VCF files from your device & import them.

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In this article, we have discussed how to import contacts from Outlook to Thunderbird. You can use this method even when you are working with damaged or orphan files. This tool also allows you to import the files secured with passwords. The best part about this software is the freedom to work with your Outlook PST contact files even without needing the Outlook application. This utility is built to provide safe and secure freedom to execute the process swiftly.