Fix Issue: MS Outlook Crashes When Opening Emails with Attachments

admin | March 2nd, 2019 | outlook

No doubt, MS Outlook is one of the leading and widely used email application, which is extensively used for business communication. As we are aware that Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 application stores the data in PST file format. Now, when the PST file gets loaded with numerous emails, there is a chance that the PST file can get corrupt, thereby causing “Outlook crashes when opening emails with attachment and images” error. Due to the presence of corrupted emails in the PST file, a user cannot access such email message nor delete them. In order to tackle such hurdles, here comes the blog for you where we elaborate cost-effective workarounds to overcome such a drastic situation in a trouble-free way.

Finally, the time has come to fix when Outlook gets crashed on opening an email message! So read on further to beat such situations instantly in a smart yet reliable way!

Why Outlook Crashes When Opening Emails with Attachment?

Users often get annoyed when the Outlook application crashes, which ultimately leads to data inaccessibility issue. So, let’s have to look at some of the reasons for the same, which are mentioned below:

  • When the PST file is severely corrupted, upon accessing an email message, it causes the Outlook application to get crash
  • At times the Outlook profile can get damage thereby leading to MS Outlook crashing
  • Besides Outlook PST, OST and profiles, MS Outlook consists of multiple files like Outlook configuration files that can also get corrupt
  • Outlook crashes when opening emails with attachment or images due to the corruption in the attached content or images

What Are the Possible Reasons for Email Corruption?

  • Virus Attack: The intrusion of virus or any malicious software can harm and infect the emails, in which the email messages become inaccessible
  • Abrupt System Termination: Another reason for email corruption is due to improper termination of system/application
  • Faulty Networking Device: Any defects to the network devices like routers, gateway, etc can corrupt the email message in which, the Outlook crashes when opening emails with attachment
  • Incorrect Email Mapping: When the Outlook emails are improperly matched with the pre-existing folders of it can cause the emails to get damaged

Any Manual Method to Fix When Outlook Crashes on Opening an Email Message?

1. Examine Issues Caused By Add-Ins

  1. Firstly, exit MS Outlook and Press Win+R to launch the Run dialog box
  2. After that, type Outlook/safe and hit the OK button to troubleshoot “Outlook crashes when opening emails with attachment” issue
  3. In case if the issue is fixed, then go to Options from the File menu and click on Add-ins
  4. After that, choose COM Add-ins and hit the Go button
  5. Then, click to clear the given checkboxes in the list and hit OK
  6. Now, restart Outlook. If you are sure enough that the issue is fixed, then start adding the add-ins one at a time until the issue occurs the next time

2. Repair Office

  1. Initially, open Control Panel on your system and click Uninstall a program option
  2. From the enlisted installed programs, you need to right-click on the entry of the Office installation
  3. After that, click Change and then hit the Online Repair option to fix “Outlook crashes when opening an email with image or attachment” issue

3. Create a Brand New Outlook Profile

  1. Open Control Panel and click on Mail >> Show Profiles >> Choose the profile to be removed >> click Remove
  2. In order to create a profile, click the Add option to troubleshoot “Outlook crashes when opening emails with attachment” issue
  3. Under the Profile Name box, mention the name for the new profile and specify the user name, primary SMTP address, password and click Next to proceed further
  4. After that, a prompt message will be received in which, you need to enter the login credentials and click OK
  5. Once the Setup is finished, click the Finish button

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Time to Conclude

If you are facing issues like Microsoft Outlook crashes when opening emails with attachment or images, you can follow the aforesaid manual workarounds to fix the issue. However, if the problem still persists i.e., Outlook still crashes after selecting a particular email message, then immediately make the best Outlook PST Repair tool, which is a complete solution to repair a corrupted inaccessible Outlook PST file.