Several Ways to Repair Large PST File in MS Outlook

admin | January 8th, 2019 | outlook

Microsoft Outlook that comes as a part of the Office suite and its data file (.pst) will play a crucial role in saving the entire data of email client (emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals ). Moreover, each Outlook version has different PST file size limitations. But, when PST file has reached its maximum size, then it can cause serious damage to data. Users might face several problems with very large PST files under different instances. Large PST data file may show abnormal behavior, different types of error messages or Outlook may fail to perform synchronization. Moreover, because of these factors PST files may be damaged and make all the data inaccessible in MS Outlook. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we will discuss a complete solution to repair large PST file in an absolute way.

Reasons For Oversized PST Files

While using MS Outlook, users may send or receive various emails, notes, calendar entries, contacts etc., every day. After few months later, Outlook mailbox gathers large amounts of data and the size of PST files exceed.

Basically, for MS Outlook 2002 and its previous version, the maximum size limit of PST file is 2 GB, while it has increased to 20 GB for MS Outlook 2003 and later is 50 GB in MS Outlook 2010.

After a severe usage, the size of PST file exceeds even this limit, hence raising the chances of data corruption. Further, in later versions, due to an oversized PST file, users may find difficulty in sending or receiving emails, archiving PST, moving data items etc. And end-up getting an error message on each operation.

Different Measures to Repair Large PST File

If users have the large-size PST file, they will do the needful in order to protect it from getting bulky and corrupted. There are multiple ways to deal with an oversized PST file:

  • Split Large PST File: If Outlook PST file has reached its maximum size then, users can split large PST into smaller parts. Therefore, users can reduce PST file size with the help of ‘Archive’ or ‘Import/Export’ option. These two options do not split PST but move all of the mailbox data from one PST to another.
  • Compact PST Data File: Users can also compact PST file in order to get free space to store the contents of each mailbox. They can compress Outlook PST file by using an inbuilt feature of Microsoft Outlook. A different method other than you repair large PST file, you can also compress MS Outlook data file.
  • Remove Duplicate Items: Duplicate items are the cause of an oversized PST file. It might happen that Outlook data file(.pst) contain a huge amount of duplicate items, which have occupied all available space. Thus, removing duplicate data from PST file is the best option to deal with large PST file.

Manual Solution: Fix Large PST Data File

Apart from all such methods, users can also use Inbox Repair or ScanPST.exe tool. This application is an inbuilt free utility provided by Microsoft. With this utility, users can repair minor corruption in Outlook PST file. Follow the given below steps to repair large PST file:

  1. Firstly, go to scanpst.exe utility located in the mail folder of MS Outlook by following these steps:
  • Now, right-click on Task Bar and select Task Manager option
  • Navigate to Processes tab and then, right-click on MS Outlook
  • After that, choose Open File Location. It will show a window where scanpst.exe file will be saved.
  1. Next, double-click on scanpst.exe file
  2. You can browse the folder location of damaged PST files.
  3. At the end, click on Start button to begin the recovery process.

Professional Way to Repair Huge PST File

After performing the above steps, users can repair minor PST corruption. Although, in the majority of situations the Scanpst.exe that may fail to repair large PST file. In such cases, users can take the help of a remarkable solution named as Outlook Repair Tool, which helps to fix large Outlook PST file.

Time to Conclude

As everyone knows, MS Outlook is the most widely used email client for businesses. However, sometimes, PST file crosses its maximum size limit and also can lead to corruption. Therefore, in this write-up, we have mentioned different manual methods to repair large PST file. Else, users can also take the help of a professional tool, which helps to fix corrupt PST file.