Manually Resolve Outlook is Showing Working Offline Error

admin | February 2nd, 2019 | outlook

“I have used Microsoft Outlook from the last three months. Yesterday, I was working on Outlook profile, and all of sudden I got an error message like Outlook is Showing Working Offline. I tried to resolve this error many times, but I unable to do so. Now, my Outlook account has become inaccessible. Please, can anyone suggest me a reliable approach to fix this issue.”

When users try to use Microsoft Outlook, sometimes they may encounter an issue that they cannot send or receive email messages. This can be annoying, especially when users want to send or receive something very important. Before go ahead and remove an account or uninstall the existing application, the first thing users must do is to determine whether Outlook client can connect to the internet or not. When Microsoft Outlook is offline, it gets disconnected from a server of email provider and would not be able to restore or send a new message. Therefore, in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss a step-by-step procedure to fix Outlook is showing working offline in a clear way.

Manual Steps to Disable “Work Offline” in MS Outlook

Follow the below described steps to fix Microsoft Outlook error efficiently. The steps will help to resolve Microsoft Outlook is showing up working offline issue. Follow below-mentioned steps:

Fix: Outlook is showing Working Offline

The below given methods will help you to resolve Outlook showing offline issues. Follow the steps carefully wthout making any mistakes.

Open MS Outlook in Your System

  1. Firstly, go to the Start Menu. Click on the Start button at the left side corner of the window to open it.
  2. Now, you have to choose Microsoft Office from the given list. Select “All Programs” from the Start Menu bar and you can view the MS Office folder.
  3. Choose “Microsoft Outlook” within the folder. It will access the Outlook program on desktop.

Disabling Outlook Work Offline Setting

  1. Now, click on the Send/Receive tab from the menu of MS Outlook window.
  2. After this, you can disable the Work Offline setting in Outlook. If MS Outlook is now disconnected from the server, users can see the “Work Offline” with red “X” mark shown on it along the left section of the toolbar. Select this option to turn off the Work Offline settings to resolve Outlook is showing working offline.
  • Once users have selected the button, the “X” mark will disappear, notice that the Work Offline has been disabled.
  • Take note that users can only view this option on Send/Receive tab if MS Outlook is offline or may be disconnected.
  • Check the internet connection. Users can send the test email to themselves or to other contacts to verify if MS Outlook is currently online and start working again.

Bottom Line

In this modern era, email is an integrated communication platform. MS Outlook is one of the most preferable email clients being used for business or professional purpose. However, sometimes users may encounter an error message Outlook is showing working offline. Thus, in this blog, we have covered a manual solution to resolve Outlook error problem. Make certain to follow each and every method very cautiously.

When Microsoft Outlook account faces error messages and error code, most probably it can be caused by PST file issues. In case, Outlook PST data file is corrupted or damaged, it is necessary to repair PST file using a reliable application. A software provides 100% guarantee to resolve MS Outlook errors and other issues efficiently.