How to Transfer Outlook Contacts to Google Account? – Solution

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Summary: Do you want to transfer Outlook contacts to Google account? Worry not! No matter the size or format of your source file, you will be able to send the contact list across the platforms easily by performing the methods mentioned in this blog.

MS Outlook has gained a huge user base over the years for the marvelous performance that it provides. One can access the data in an organized environment without fearing data loss. Along with this, Outlook provides the facility to use keyboard commands making it easier and quicker to perform tasks.

Contacts are the essential data for any user and MS Outlook allows users to save the systematically through simple navigation. Often it is needed to transfer the contacts from Outlook to other platforms such as Google account. In this article, we are going to cover how you can transfer the contact list in all possible scenarios.

How to Transfer Outlook Contacts to Google Account?

Outlook can produce contacts in two formats i.e., .csv and .pst (Outlook data file). The former file is readily accepted by your Google account but the latter one is unique to Outlook only. If you have the Outlook data file with you, then you must convert it to a format accepted by Google.

For users who have .csv, they must perform the following steps for transferring them into their Google account.

  1. Navigate to & tap on People & Sharing from the panel on the left.
  2. This will take you to the Contacts section (direct link:
  3. Select the Contacts option. From the left menu, select the “Import” button.
  4. Then, browse and select the file you produced previously & click on the “Import” option.

If you are someone who has the .pst file, then they have no other option but to transform it into .vcf or .csv. Read the next section to know how you can do this.

Automatic Way of Transferring Outlook Contacts into Google Account

The SysTools vCard Export tool is the best software to use and work with Outlook contacts on any platform. This tool facilitates the users to convert their files into various other formats. You can transfer multiple Outlook contacts into this tool and convert them into either of the formats supported by Google.

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This utility supports corrupt, damaged, orphaned, password-protected contact files. Choose the Google CSV option while you select the export option and this software will automatically match the custom fields for you without needing you to do it manually. Additionally, it supports all fields and attributes of the contacts and transfers them.

You simply have to download the software and install it. Then, add the source contacts and convert them to Google CSV format. After this, transfer them into your Google account using the same guide explained above.

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In this article, we have explained how to transfer Outlook contacts to Google account in every situation. You must read and follow the steps mentioned above to achieve the results desired. This tool provides a safe environment and preserves the integrity of the contacts.